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Lindsay Herkert


Additional Information

Business Name : Lindsay Herkert Photo Co
Style/Specialization : Lindsay is moved most by light, and this passion is prominently reflected in her photography, where light plays a pivotal role. Whether she employs back-light to soften tender moments, sidelight to add a touch of drama, or direct light to flatter a portrait, Lindsay considers light as the fundamental element of her artistic vision. Her primary goal is to create images that not only radiate the beauty of light but also preserve cherished moments frozen in time. From capturing an infant's first reaches to a toddler's unsteady steps and a child's joyful leaps, Lindsay strives to encapsulate the sheer joy that accompanies these special milestones. Her photography style is characterized by its clean aesthetics, rich colors, and evocative expressions, always ensuring a luminous quality that adds depth and emotion to her work.
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