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Lauren DeFrehn


...because these moments should live on your walls, fill your albums & capture your heart forever

Mama, today feels like it will last forever... The exhaustion, the constant diaper changes, the bickering of little one... I know, it's endless...

Or is it? Did you notice as you left the hospital, your newborn's cheeks are already plumper? Did you notice as you changed that diaper, toddler's legs are loosing some chub? Did you notice as you held that hand crossing the street, your preschooler doesn't have dimples on her knuckles anymore? Did you notice as he read to you, your first grader doesn't need to sound out the words anymore?

No, these days are not endless. In fact, they pass too quickly. But the reminders of these days will live forever in your albums, on your wall & eternally in your heart...

Additional Information

Business Name : Lauren DeFrehn Photography
Member Bio : I believe that motherhood is exhausting and hard, all-consuming and chaotic... and exceptionally beautiful if you only pause to look. I believe that the walls in your home and the albums on your shelves should be filled with blissful reminders of those that are most important to you. I believe in beauty, love, wanderlust, simplicity and elegance. And I believe that together we can create the heirlooms you will treasure most.
Style/Specialization : Newborns, Children & Families captured in light-filled, emotive, clean, timeless, lifestyle portraits.
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