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Las Vegas Birth and Family Photographer and Filmmaker


I have always been drawn to stories behind individuals, families, and cultures, and I believe this draws me to the world of photography and filmmaking. Through both mediums, stories are captured and passed on for generations. I believe this is what drew me into the world of birth photography. The birth of our children are moments that cannot be redone and moments that change us forever to our core. My goal as a birth and family photographer and filmmaker is to capture your most important moments in images and footage that remind you of what it FELT like in these moments.

Additional Information

Business Name : Little Loo Photography
Member Bio : I am passionate about capturing the most intimate and life-changing moments for families- the birth of their children in both still images and beautiful video they can hold for years to come. As a birth and family photographer and filmmaker, I want families to remember just how they FELT in those moments and seasons of life.
Style/Specialization : My style is timeless, emotive, and full of connection. I strive to beautifully capture the unique details and emotion in each birth story and with each family that trusts me with those they love the most.
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