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EJ Dilley


I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.  -Van Gogh

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Business Name : EJ Dilley Photography

I am mountain bikes and trail hikes. (Oops! That rhymed. This isn’t a poem so don’t get your hopes up, but please be impressed.)

I am as Colorado as they come: I love everything about living here. I ski, I camp. Have all the gear, will travel. No, seriously, I will travel anywhere to photograph you. Especially if you have an epic adventure in mind.

My best adventure started in 2012 when I met my wife. We fell in love quickly and worked against the logistics of long distance to get married in Maui in 2014. It was just the two of us … and it was perfect. Our wedding is a huge reason that I now photograph intimate elopements. I want to give my couples the opportunity to celebrate their love the same way that we did.

This next part is a little intense, but I want to share it with you because I know that the road to parenthood isn’t always as easy as a pretty Instagram photo makes it seem. I share my story because I want to give you space to share yours with me.

Our fertility journey lasted several heartbreaking years, but we finally grew our family in an amazing way: embryo adoption. We now have two beautiful toddlers and I don’t take one second with them for granted. We are so grateful for our struggles because in the end we ended up with two incredible humans we might have never met otherwise.

I bet you’re an incredible human too. And I would love to meet you and photograph whatever adventure life has brought to you right now.
Ambassador : NAPCP Ambassador
Award Winner : Award Winner
Style/Specialization : E.J. Dilley is not striving for perfection because she believes the adventure is found in the unknown. Intimacy and adventure is what she is all about. E.J. absolutely loves families who are fun, who are real and let it fly. As she works, she is looking to see you, really see you! Her people are the ones who don't mind if things don’t go perfectly and that is just perfect. She believes the best parts of life are the parts that surprise us and the best photos are usually the ones we didn’t know were coming. Her favorite photos are the ones where you think your hair is blowing too much in the wind or when your kids are being their wild selves. They are the moments of perceived imperfection where she sees your most true selves.
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