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Cindy McCrory


Each time I am behind my camera and lens, I am seeking "moments that don't seem like anything...but they are everything." I believe creating photos of our family members and experiences are the most important things we can do for ourselves and our families. As a mother of three wonderful young adults, and grandmother ("CeCe") of five, I’ve lived long enough to see how much a photograph can mean. Long forgotten moments come back to life many years down the road when life changes, when we lose loved ones, when we age and see our past selves in old photos. It's bittersweet, but so rich. Our memories in our minds do not work as well as having proof through photos of those moments with our children and family.  People and places change, photos do not. 

With my photography practice, my clients choose either my studio or location for their sessions - sometimes both! The beaches, piers, and sky in my area of the Gulf Coast offers wonderful backdrop for children and family photos.  And my studio gives me great lighting control resulting in a very clean look, so I love that style, too. You’ll find me on weekends shooting special events and weddings in venues, in churches, on the beaches, in backyards. I photograph children, families, and seniors in the golden hour or in my studio most any day of the week. And I squeeze in head shots for businesses and employees during the workdays, either in my studio or at the business locations. 

My Bachelor's of Arts degree in Communications/Photojournalism is from the University of Alabama/New College. I received the Certificate of Photography from the University of South Alabama in 2010, and more recently, the Certified Professional Photographer designation awarded by PPA, the Professional Photographers of America in 2022. 

Additional Information

Business Name : Blue Room Photography
Ambassador : NAPCP Ambassador
Style/Specialization : Candid and posed (former newspaper photojournalist and before that, film and dark room hobbyist)
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